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Decorate with Bold Florals

The large designs and rich color of using bold florals in your decor make for a sophisticated look with wowing impact. See some tips on using florals from the archive.

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Use colorful fabric and a bit of fabric glue to create a bold accessory out of your furniture.

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Not quite ready to throw floral fabrics on your furniture? Try a printed curtain to add some flair and color to your home like this image from 1946.

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Floor to ceiling fabric panels, like those shown in this issue from 2000 are a great way to add rich color and a sophisticated look to any room! Apply the fabric as you would unpasted wallpaper with wallpaper adhesive.

See the October 2000 Issue

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We love that this living room from the 1960s wasn't shy about applying this classically colored floral fabric to more than just their curtains. The small detail of wrapping the curtain rod is a fun touch!

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Vivid and unexpected colors bring this floral piece to life. We've been obsessed with botanical prints since the '20s, here is a modern take from 2018 that is worth appreciating!

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