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Clare V.'s Top 5 Tips for Refreshing Your Home Decor

With her recent collaboration with Wallshoppe, the popular accessories designer is moving into designing interior spaces as well. Here, she shows us how incorporating a few pieces with personality can yield big results.

If you haven't yet heard of the accessories brand Clare V., prepare to be wowed. Its founder, Clare Vivier, is based in California but draws inspiration from all over—Minnesota, where she was born; the Twin Cities, where she grew up; San Francisco; Paris; and of course her current home, Los Angeles. This summer, she expanded her repertoire of coveted bags and shoes and collaborated with Wallshoppe to produce an amazing collection of wallpaper (which we feature in an upcoming issue!). The designs draw on vintage Clare V. and feature classic patterns yet feel ultramodern and French. This new foray into interior design—and the fact that she's had a hand in outfitting all of her chic boutiques in LA, San Francisco, and New York—made us curious about how she'd impart her cool aesthetic in a home. Here, she tells us a bit about her design philosophy as well as some great tips and sources for refreshing your home on a budget.

You've lived all over the place—the Twin Cities, San Francisco, Paris, and now LA. How do you think these very different places have informed and influenced your design sense?

I take influence from every place I've lived. I look to Minnesota for vintage inspiration, as I always do the best vintage shopping when I'm home and love some of the more traditional architecture in the homes there. France is a place I visit often, and the language, culture, and style are a boundless source of inspiration for me. LA is having such a wonderful moment right now—I am constantly looking at the art, architecture, nature, and the creative community for inspiration.

A few months ago, you introduced your new line of wallpaper produced in collaboration with WallShoppe. How did you first get into home decor?

My good friend Nathan Turner is the creative director of WallShoppe, and when he approached me about doing a collaboration I couldn't say no. So many of our signature CV prints lend themselves quite well to wallpaper designs, and I love the various iterations they did with different colorways of our prints.

How do you think your experience designing a whole range of bags and accessories has informed your style and preferences for interiors? Is there a connection between the two?

I think they're absolutely related in that I'm very drawn to color and texture, both in interiors and in the bag designs that I gravitate toward. I'm not afraid of color, where it makes the most sense. Actually, the design process is really intimate for me—I've named many of my bags after important women in my life—and my home is a wonderful mix of pieces we've collected throughout the years.

You've been renovating and decorating your family's early 1900s Craftsman house in Echo Park over the last few years. When you're shopping for vintage furniture at flea markets and on holiday in France, what do you look for in a piece? Do you have any tips on mixing furniture, textiles, etc. from different eras?

I never go out looking for a piece—usually it just finds me. I've had quite a bit of luck getting some really wonderful things over the years. Whether it's vintage serviceware from a French flea market or our beautiful piano off eBay (which we had painted a great Kelly green), great pieces just sometimes happen. I'm most in tune with my gut reaction when I come across something.

What's inspiring you these days design wise? Do you have any furniture or pieces of art on your wish list?

I'm looking for two low and perfect vintage Napoleon III chairs for my living room, and if I could find a barely used George Smith Jules sofa at an estate sale, I'd be so happy. As for artwork, I'm looking to invest in a Cassi A. Namoda painting. She's a friend, and I enjoy having friends' artwork around the house so we always feel surrounded by loved ones and their beautiful work.

Get the look (clockwise from top left):

Vintage Picasso Poster, eBay; $999

Ivory Linen Nailhead Settee, Overstock; $653

Dee Dee Cheriel Poster, Big Cartel; $45

Vintage Roland Garros Poster, eBay; $350

Vintage Napoleon III Chairs,; $5,200

Say you have $500–$1,000 to do a living room refresh. What are five ways you could use that money for an updated look this season?

New wallpaper, of course; interesting table lamps, which play such a undervalued role; new books to add to my extensive collection (I've been buying lots of homemaking books lately!); plush new pillows and throws by Heather Taylor Home; and gorgeous flowers (as often as possible) from Hollyflora—they're the perfect pop of color in the cooler months.

Get the look (clockwise from top left):

Carved Lamp in Brown Glaze, Lawson Fenning; $2,200

Blueberry Topanga Color Block Blanket, Heather Taylor Home; $175

Cadet Blue Hollyhock Wallpaper, Wallshoppe X Clare V.; $58–$136

Baco: Vivid Recipes from the Heart of Los Angeles, Barnes & Noble; $27

Cherry Bombe, Barnes & Noble; $23

Custom Flower Arrangement, Hollyflora; please contact for pricing

Maria Cornejo: Zero, Target; $52

Cook Beautiful, Barnes & Noble; $23

Gold Pillow, Heather Taylor Home; $175

Thank you, Clare!

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