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We're (Still) All About Avocados

Our obsession with avocados is far from new. See how this love affair developed with some of our favorite avocado recipes through the ages.

Avocado Dip

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While guacamole may be the first avocado dip that comes to mind, there are actually several entertaining recipes featuring this savory fruit. Break out the potato chips and dig into this classic recipe for Avocado Dip from 1947. With just a handful of ingredients—including bacon—this recipe is sure to be a hit!

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Party Tricks with Avocados

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It's no secret that we're still obsessed with party food of the 1950s, and these recipes for party tricks with avocados are no exception. Our February 1952 issue featured an updated version of the classic avocado dip (this one using tabasco sauce) alongside shrimp on the half shell.

In addition to the recipes, our 1950s editors had some timeless advice for finding the perfect avocado. When checking for ripeness, "Press an avocado gently between the palms of your hands. If it yields readily, avocado is ready to serve. Careful ... no fingers! You might bruise the fruit" (Better Homes & Gardens, "Party Tricks with Avocados," February 1952).

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An Avocado Recipe (or Four)

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Over the course of four recipes, our May 1966 issue showed just how versatile avocados can be. Curried shrimp in avocado halves, avocado-citrus salad, deviled guacamole, and chilled avo-mate soup will keep your dinner guests pleased all evening long.

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Cream of Avocado Soup

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Searching for a refreshing first course? Look no further — this 1971 recipe for Cream of Avocado Soup has you covered. Follow this cold soup with roast pork, mushroom butter sauce, and steamed vegetables for a delightful meal.

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Avocado with Red Pepper Sauce

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When it comes to avocado appetizers, there are tons of options outside your standard guacamole. This gem from our May 1991 issue uses just five ingredients to create a simple yet unique first course. The key to this dish? Pepper jelly!

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Grilled Avocados

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Make avocados your main course with this prize-tested recipe for grilled avocados from 2005. This reader-submitted dish took home a $200 prize in the family grilling category, so it's sure to please! Looking for a bonus recipe? This issue also featured an avocado-feta salsa!

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Don't Forget the Guac

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While trendy avocado recipes may have taken over Pinterest boards, don't count out a classic guacamole. Add a little twist to this timeless favorite by following our recipe from the May 2011 issue, which suggests adding peas to the mix for sweetness and texture. Serve alongside tortillas chips and a pitcher of fresh margaritas for the ultimate happy hour treat.

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