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8 Yellow Color Combos to Try

When it comes to color, yellow is the eternal optimist. What colors go with it? As a follow-up to the magazine's November 2021 story on yellow, we take a look at a range of color combos—from timeless to fresh and fun. One thing is for sure: Whatever you pair with it, yellow brings the happy.

1. Blue and Yellow

The colors of sky and sun go together naturally, which may be why blue and yellow are a beloved and timeless combo. Different shades of blues work well together, so vary them to create depth in a room. This bedroom welcomes a mix—sky blue, cobalt, and navy. Golden yellow provides the high note; it's the room's wake-up call. A blanket that incorporates both yellow and blue pulls the palette together.

2. Black, White, and Yellow

Black and white schemes have been around for years, and never really go out of style. Add in yellow, and the high-contrast pairing seems fresh and edgy. It's a high-energy palette, so if you want to tame it, opt for more solid colors than patterns. In this laundry room, a window valance creates a band of up-high interest—a nice break from the solids, but not too busy.

3. Magenta, Cobalt, and Golden Yellow

All colors have a temperature—yellow included. This golden sofa shows the warm side of yellow. The beauty of a cozy yellow like this? It welcomes brights such as magenta and cobalt without the scheme becoming too playful. In a multicolor scheme like this, a few touches of black are also welcome to lend sophistication.

4. Navy and Yellow

To veer a blue and yellow palette to the sophisticated side, use a deep blue such as navy. Yellow gives the classic hue a fun kick and is an instant ray of sunshine against the dark hue. Navy and yellow are great as a two-color combo, but if you want to bring in another color, try gray. It keeps the scheme looking modern.

5. Gray and Yellow

If you're worried that yellow will overwhelm, pair it with a neutral like gray. Gray cuts the intensity, even when the yellow appears in a big, bold pattern like the wallpaper in this powder room. As the Pantone Color Institute noted when announcing yellow and gray as Pantone's 2021 color of the year, the combo sends a "message of positivity supported by fortitude."

6. Kelly Green and Yellow

There's a reason green and yellow look so comfortable together: They're next-door neighbors on the color wheel, so they live in harmony. Plus, green by nature is calming and soothing—just what an extrovert like lemon yellow needs. This dining table's Kelly green strikes the right balance: It's colorful but with grayish undertones that keep the vibrant yellow bench and stools in check.

7. Teal and Yellow

If you're looking for a color combo that hasn't been done to death, pair yellow with teal. The blue-green hue is commanding, so avoid competition by using it with a mellow shade of yellow, such as on these walls. Want drama? Flip the scheme by painting walls teal and accenting with mustard yellow to create a regal look.

8. Navy, Crimson, and Yellow

Jewel tones such as navy and crimson can get a little heavy. Sprinkle in yellow, and the rich hues come to life. This living room also shows the power of accent pieces, namely pillows and throws that remain the quick-change artists of any color scheme. With a yellow pillow and throw, along with a crimson pillow, this room's navy scheme isn't one note. It has depth and interest—and serves as a reminder of how easy it can be to shift a color scheme.

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