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Hello, Havenly: Meet Your New Favorite Interior Design Service

Whether you're starting to decorate a new home, are working through a renovation, or are simply looking to freshen up a favorite space in your house, the online interior decorating service, Havenly, is here to help. We here at BH&G Insider are ready to share the inside scoop on just how this design service works—and how you can get your very own FREE room makeover!

Affordable Interior Design

So many of us think that hiring an interior designer is either too expensive or simply out of our reach. Which is where Havenly comes in. The company gives us the amazing opportunity to work remotely with an interior designer—all from the comfort of our own homes—to help create the spaces we've been dreaming of...and endlessly pinning. The Havenly designers are ready to help with furniture layouts, product picks, lighting suggestions and more so you can love the home you have just a little bit more.

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Customized Room Makeovers

Depending on your decorating budget and design needs, they have two options for your Instagram-worthy room makeover. If you simply need a pro to help pick products to finish styling a space, go with the Mini Package. You get two design concepts with up to two weeks of communication with your designer—so you can be sure to get your room just the way you want it!

If you're more in the market for full-scale service after a renovation or with a room that needs a total refresh, opt for the Havenly Package. You get to work with a designer to create a 3-D floor plan to help you visualize the plan for the space. Then, use your personalized design concept and up to two revisions to fine tune your vision. The experienced designer will do the research, planning, and product sourcing to bring your dream room to life. It's such a cool (and easy) way to collaborate!

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Virtual Design Services, from Start to Finish

Havenly offers an easy, five-step process to get you a total design revamp in what will seem like no time at all. Here's how their process works.

Step 1: Take a quiz to uncover your personal style.
The style quiz consists of questions of your preferred color schemes, ideal furniture layout, favored room style, and more. This will ensure that you truly understand your design preferences—and what your goals are for the feel and function of your space.

Step 2: Join the Havenly community!
Create a Havenly profile to get access to their roaster of professional interior designers. You can see their profiles to choose the one who's the best fit for your needs. Once you find your ideal match, you can book them for your revamp to get the process rolling!

Step 3: Add details of your room.

Upload photos of your room, add in the dimensions, and share any other details to let the designer in on your vision for the space. Do you need new carpet and light-filtering blinds? Do you want to work with everything you have, but figure out a better flow for the furniture? Are you looking to add certain finishing touches...but you can't figure out what they should be? Share these details to ensure a most successful Havenly experience. You can even use Havenly's cost calculator to help determine how much you're willing to spend on new furniture and decor accents.

Step 4: Wait for the magic to happen!

After you do your work, the Havenly team will do theirs. You'll soon get your design ideas to go over, along with revisions if necessary. There's even a custom 3-D mood board in your future, so get excited!

Step 5: Start shopping!

Once you agree on a design for the space, your designer will send over a curated list of products to complete your space. The list may include reusing items you already have, in addition to new items from the Havenly shop. They'll even handle coordinating the delivery for you!

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Find More Happiness at Home

Havenly provides so many perks that no other interior design service has to offer. Plus, we love how easy it is to personalize the experience without ever leaving your home! With curated products, expert advice, budgeting tools, and the best deals on home decorating touches, Havenly allows you to get the room you've been dreaming of without spending hours (and hours) on Pinterest. Plus, you can avoid the pricey hourly fees that some interior designers charge with just one low flat fee—or, sign up for BH&G Insider today you'll get one whole or two mini room makeovers for free!

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