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Kitchen Gadgets to Try in 2022

Whether you want to slash time, make food prep easier, or just try something new, there's a slew of kitchen gadgets waiting. We checked in with Sarah Brekke, culinary specialist in the Better Homes & Gardens® Test Kitchen, for affordable favorites. These 10 tools—some under $10— may become keepers for you, too.

1. Adjustable Rolling Pin

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This isn't your Grandma's rolling pin. Removable rings on this sleek wooden pin from cult favorite Joseph Joseph help you roll out just the right thickness of dough for pies, pizzas, cookies, and more. Add or remove rings to raise or lower the rolling surface. "So helpful if you do a lot of baking where dough thickness is important," Sarah says. Adjustable Rolling Pin, $25;

Photo: Joseph Joseph

2. Air Fryer

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This "it" gadget for the past few years has moved from novelty to almost a necessity for quick meals. Think of an air fryer as a mini convection oven that roasts, toasts, and bakes. Out of the dozens our Test Kitchen has tried, this 2.75-quart space-saver is among the favorites for its compact size and affordable price. It auto-switches to standby mode when cooking is complete. The color choices, such as mint green, are pure fun. GoWise USA Air Fryer, $56.46;

Photo: GoWise USA

3. Salad Spinner

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If you envision a lot of lettuce in your future to stick to your pledge to eat healthier, give a salad spinner a whirl for quick rinsing and drying. No more soggy salads, and dressings will actually stick to the greens instead of beading off. The popular OXO spinner now comes in a compact version, in addition to the standard size. "I personally love this spinner because it doesn't take up a lot of space, the lid is flat so things can be stored on top of it, and it's dishwasher safe," Sarah says. Good Grips Salad Spinner, $30.99, or Little Salad and Herb Spinner, $25.99;

Photo: OXO

4. Dressing Shaker

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More salads means more dressings. This watertight shaker makes it a breeze to measure, mix, pour, and store your favorite varieties. Most dressings keep for at least a week in the fridge, so you can shake up enough for several salads. Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker, $10.99;

Photo: OXO

5. Strawberry Huller

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Single-function kitchen gadgets can be space hogs without providing much bang in return. An exception is this tiny and cute strawberry huller that nimbly removes leaves and core with a quick press, twist, and pull without wasting any fruit. "This is a handy little gadget if you prepare lots of strawberries," Sarah says. Try giving it double function by using it to core small tomatoes. Chef'n Stem Gem Strawberry Huller, $8.99;

Photo: Andrew Purcell

6. Silicone Spatulas

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Consider a spatula—make that several spatulas—an essential in any kitchen tool kit. These sturdy but flexible silicone best-sellers come in a variety of sizes, including one with a long handle for getting the last bit of peanut butter out of a tall container. They're heat-resistant so you can use them to sauté veggies or scramble eggs without scratching pans. The hidden bonus: "Spatulas without seams last longer and are easier to clean," Sarah says. Plus, there's no grooves to trap food and bacteria. GIR Ultimate, Mini, Skinny, or Pro spatulas, $7.95–$15.95;

Photo: GIR

7. Instant-Read Thermometer

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ThermoWorks thermometers are a Test Kitchen go-to for making sure meats and other foods reach safe serving temperatures. The Classic Super-Fast Thermapen ($83) is a handy all-around choice for fast and accurate reads. For extended roasting and grilling, Sarah likes the ease of the ThermoWorks ChefAlarm (pictured) ($65). Insert the probe, close the oven door, and keep track of the turkey from the monitor sitting on the counter. ThermoWorks;

Photo: ThermoWorks

8. Quality Knives

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It's a myth that you need a whole block of knives to be efficient in the kitchen. Pare down to three basics—a paring knife, chef knife, and serrated knife—and you'll be good. For affordable, quality knives, Sarah likes Kai, a sister to the more known and pricey Shun. The Kai Pro (pictured) has beautiful Asian blades with comfortable grips and prices ranging from $30–$75 each or about $100 for a three-piece set. If you're just setting up your kitchen, the Kai Luna is more affordable—$49 for a three-piece set—and the knives come with their own storage sheaths. Kai Housewares;

Photo: Kai Housewares

9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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Dashing off to the drive-through on weekend mornings can get a bit old, so save the trip and indulge in hot, melty goodness you can make at home. "At our house we can't live without our Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich maker," Sarah says. "It makes the best homemade ham, egg, and cheese English muffin breakfast sandwiches with very little effort." Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker, $24.99;

Photo: Hamilton Beach

10. Angled Measuring Cup

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Angled cups let you see measurements from above with less squinting and without trying to gauge the liquid while you lift the cup. Sarah is partial to the ¼ cup size, which comes in handy for easily and accurately measuring liquids for cocktails, dressings, and sauces. OXO Good Grips Mini Angled Measuring Cup, $5.99;

Photo: OXO

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