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An Exclusive Q&A with Lumitory's Leading Lady Jessica Reinhart

Featured in the August 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, entrepreneur and mom of three Jessica Reinhart chats with us about her outstanding business. From encouraging conversations to cherishing community, get the details of what inspired her to launch Lumitory and how it has grown to be so successful.

Where it All Began

Experience gifting on another level by shopping Lumitory's collection of kind notes, inspirational quotes, supper club menus, and stylish home decor. Whether you need a little motivation to get you through the day or conversation starters for your dinner party, Lumitory is ready to inspire you to enjoy the little things in life. Check out this exclusive Q&A with the creator of Lumitory and find out where it all began.

What inspired you to start Lumitory?

We live in a day and age where community is a buzzword most often associated with social media platforms, but I truly believe that there is no substitute for good old fashion community—the kind that revolves around nurturing real face-to-face relationships with those around us. The heart behind everything we do at Lumitory is inspired by the idea that we are better when we do life together. I believe that's an important element to not only living a good life, but also helping to build bridges that lead to a stronger sense of compassion and unity. Everything we do is centered around that basic premise.

Tell us where the idea or concept for the Conversation Cards and Gathering Boxes came from.

Our family went through a period of transition a few years back when we moved across country from Connecticut to Arizona. My husband and I were both native New Englanders, and suddenly we found ourselves in a new state and having to rebuild a sense of community that we were accustomed to back home. Fast forward a few years, and we were invited to join a weekly bible study with a handful of other couples. It turned out that saying "yes" to that invite was one of the very best decisions we could have made. Once a month our group switches things up and we do a Supper Club where we take turns hosting a dinner in each of our homes. The simple act of coming together, breaking bread, and sharing what's going on in our lives has really had a tremendous impact on all of us. We found ourselves wishing that more people could experience something like that, and the Gathering Box concept was born from that idea. Our vision is to inspire people to host gatherings that bring people together, nurture relationships, and create a strong sense of community. Among other things, we've created Conversation Cards and a line of Gathering Boxes that help you host fun, memorable get-togethers.

How did you come up with the questions to put on the Conversation Cards and quotes to put on your inspirational prints?

Our team works together on everything we do, so whether that's designing intentional prints for your home, or coming up with questions that will get people talking and spark great dialog, it's a real team effort. We usually kick things off with a brainstorming session and put a lot of intentionality into the process. Hopefully that shows in the end result!

Where do you turn to for new ideas and inspiration?

Inspiration truly does come in all forms, but there really is no substitute for real life experience. Most of the things we've created were inspired by impactful conversations or meaningful experiences we've had with others.


The Future is Bright

What's been your favorite part of starting your own business?

I love taking things from vision to reality—to me that's truly exciting! But also, Lumitory is so much more than a business to me, it's an extension of our values and beliefs, and an opportunity to use our time and talents to help make a positive impact in the world, and for that I am truly grateful.

What's one struggle you've encountered while creating your business and how did you overcome it?

I think the biggest challenge I come across is the amount of time it takes to bring something from vision to reality. I personally love seeing the finished product—to me, there are few things that are more satisfying! But the reality is that nothing happens overnight, and there is often a lot of work that goes into bringing an idea to life. The waiting part can be a struggle for me, but I'm learning to become patient in the process and find joy in each part of the journey.

What do you think is next for Lumitory?

We're continually looking for creative ways to help connect communities and have some fun things up our sleeves for this coming year that we're really looking forward to! One thing you can be sure of is that it will definitely involve bringing people together.

Thank you so much, Jessica!