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Meet the Designers Behind Hilary Duff's Breathtaking Home

We sat down with dynamic duo Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwicki of Studio Life.Style in West Hollywood, CA, the talented designers behind Hilary Duff's gorgeous home featured in the February 2018 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Read on to get even more inspiring tips, learn how they came to design for Duff, and so much more they're only sharing with the BH&G Insider readers.

Since the founding of Studio Life.Style in 2009, founder Shannon and principal designer Brittany have worked with clients like E! Entertainment, Sugar Paper, The Culver Studios, and more. This exceptional team is constantly pushing the boundaries of design and have worked on numerous residential projects that span from Los Angeles to Northern California. Learn even more about these incredible designers here.

About the Designers

What was your very first remodeling project?

One of our first remodeling projects was a home in Bel-Air in 2010. This was our only project at the time and so we were able to devote all of our attention towards it.

How do you think your style has evolved since then?

We have a lot more resources under our belts, which definitely helps. We have incredible contacts and vendors that have really expanded our design possibilities and breadth of what we are able to accomplish.

How do your styles differ? How are they the same?

Our styles are very similar and collaborative. Shannon can lean a bit more city/refined, while Brittany incorporates a bit more earthy/natural materials and textures. We bounce ideas and concepts off of each other and try to find somewhere to meet in the middle.

Are there any design "rules" you think should be broken?

Design "rules" are made to be broken! We always try to push the limits to create new and interesting designs.

What's your favorite project to date?

Picking a favorite project is like picking a favorite child; we could never choose, we love them all!


Working with Hilary

We tour Hilary's newly remodeled home in the February issue. How did you and Hilary first meet?

We were introduced through a mutual friend and client of ours, and first met when we were interviewing to work on the remodeling project.

How did the three of you collaborate? What kinds of ideas did you bring to the table, and what did Hilary bring? Were there any times you tried to convince Hilary to take more risks or encouraged her to reel it in?

We had a lot of fun collaborating together, Hilary was willing to take risks and came to the table with really creative ideas. We were all pretty much on the same page, so we really didn't have to persuade her one way or the other. The design of Hilary's home was a fun collaborative process.

Hilary said she's a huge fan of Pinterest. If she sent you a photo of a vintage piece of furniture, wallpaper, or another detail, how would you begin to source that product or something very similar?

She did, in fact, send us a picture of a wallpaper that she found and loved. We sent the photo out to all of our resources to try and figure out where it came from. In the end, we were able to track the wallpaper down and install it in her bedroom.

What was your favorite room to design in Hilary's house?

Too hard to choose! We had a lot of fun with both the formal living room and the kitchen. The kitchen is very playful with the blue cabinets and the black and white tile. While the formal living room is very feminine and a bit glamorous with the curvy furniture and plush fabrics/textures.


Advice for Our Readers

Say you have $500 to do a home refresh. Where would you focus your time and money?

We don't approach a refresh with a one size fits all solution, we would need to analyze the individual space to see where the refresh was most needed. But for a DIY project, it is always quick and easy to do a fresh coat of paint or change the decorative elements, throw pillows, window treatments, rugs, etc.

Can you share one decorating mishap we could learn from?

Make sure to measure the stairwell/door openings before purchasing oversized furniture. We have run into that problem in the past where the furniture/lighting doesn't fit through the door/stairwell, and we have had to get very creative on how to get the item inside the house.

How about a surprising success?

We always love discovering new vendors and craftsman when sourcing unique custom pieces. One of our favorite finds was Casa Midi, a craftsman furniture maker based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

You have a Studio Life.Style shop. What brands are you working with? What other brands are you loving right now?

We love to work with unique vendors from all over the world! We work with Kufri for throw pillows, Abanja for home accessories, Injiri for home accessories, Ingego Africa for handmade woven bowls and baskets, and we also love Roost for kitchen and home accessories.

Thanks so much Shannon and Brittany!