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Metallic Interior Design Trends from the Archive

Explore more of the metallic looks from the Better Homes and Gardens Archives. We explore different uses of color, textures, and types of the shiny materials used to achieve this revival worthy look featured in the March 2019 magazine.

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Silver wallpaper streaked with tobacco and black creates a stunning and uncommon neutral scene. The brushed look of the wallpaper adds glamour and drama to an otherwise understated sitting room.

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This example of modern-architecture (for 1968) fills the room with gleaming and sleek simplicity. The alternating panels of black-and-white patent vinyl are divided on the wall by strips of polished chromium. The geometric panels are also used to create a focal point in the entry-way.

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This 1975 example from the archives takes a leaf out of the art deco era with a patterned metallic wallpaper! You'll also notice they paired it with some disco-ball style tables that take this living room to a whole new level.

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These richly gleaming solid copper tiles warm up this wall with a bonfire-like glow. Pro archive tip: alternate the pattern grains to re-create this checkerboard look.

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This gorgeous lattice-work wallpaper was printed on a foil-backing to give it that metallic sheen. Featured in 1971, this dining room was coined as airy and divine with the marshmallow vinyl chairs.

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Originally pitched in 1984 as a camouflage for unsightly plaster, this brushed-aluminum paneling gives the room a metallic and almost mirror-like finish.