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Mod Mani: The Prettiest Nails

If you're looking for a fun, low-stakes way to update your beauty routine, try cribbing your nail polish colors from your favorite pieces of art. Eleanor Langston of NYC's Paintbox nail studio shares a few of her winning combinations.

Nail art photos by Paintbox; wall art photos by Zoe Bios Creative

Pair a Modern Palette with Designs from the Pros

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Looking to update your mani/pedi routine with a new color combo or design? The colors in modern art can be great place to find inspiration. To get you started, we've paired three favorite fall nail looks from Eleanor Langston, chief creative officer at NYC's Paintbox nail studio (pictured at left), with three modern art pieces from Zoe Bios Creative in Los Angeles (featured in our October issue). Whether you're traditional, a little edgy, or somewhere in between, there's sure to be a look that you can adapt to suit your style.

New Neutrals

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Washed-out tones like peach, camel, and silver leaf are showing up all over the place this fall. For a toned-down, neutral look, try pairing a couple pastels.

Zoe Bios Creative, "Camlo Blush 1"

New Neutrals

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If you usually opt for nude-color nails, try a powdery fall shade such as latte, camel, pale sage, or mauve. "Milky pale sages feel fresh on fingers and flatter every skintone," says Eleanor. And these colors are still subtle enough to match a variety of outfits.

All About Angles

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The mix of washed-out colors and saturated ones, along with a variety of angles, feels very modern. Try pairing one of the lighter shades with a darker one for balance.

Zoe Bios Creative, "Vintage Block 1"

All About Angles

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"An angular design on nails is super flattering and elongating," says Eleanor. "Plus it adds interest to classic colors." Triangles are an especially popular shape, and harken back to that aesthetic of the late eighties and early nineties.

Retro Revisited

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This season, embrace retro colors and styles. The combination of Dodger blue and sunflower yellow in this painting is reminiscent of color blocking of the '80s.

Zoe Bios Creative, "Cobalt Tower"

Retro Revisited

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Here, pairing navy blue with azure evokes '80s playfulness in a modern way. And you can look for inspiration from the '60s, '70s, or '80s—it's all on the table this season. For a '60s look, try exuberant pink or floral patterns. White paired with clementine channels '70s chic—or for a more laidback look from the decade, pair army green with ultra pale yellow.