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Our Favorite Halloween-Themed Recipes from the BH&G Archives

Get inspired by these timeless Halloween-themed recipes from the '30s to the '90s. They're simply spooktacular!

Goblins Are Gourmands (1930s)

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"You've seen them—these goblins—little, round, vivacious, with tummies like Santa Claus...You'll have to give them good things to gobble—for the Gobble-uns'll get you if you don't watch out!" (Better Homes & Gardens, "Goblins are Gormands," October 1937)

Whether you're hosting a costume party for kiddos or having a grown-up Halloween jamboree, the October 1937 issue of Better Homes & Gardens has the recipes you need to celebrate the season without a hitch. Witches and warlocks alike will delight in festive recipes meant for each age group. Explore rennet custard in orange shells for very young goblins, a spread of "Hippledoodles" for middle-size goblins, and a full, buffet-style feast for grown-up goblins.

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That's Halloween (1940s)

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"We're gadding less and splurging not at all under this fall's harvest moon. But there's no stopping us from having a bang-up time with our friends on mighty few pennies and points." (Better Homes & Gardens, "That's Halloween," October 1943)

The October 1943 issue gave readers tips on how to host a fun Halloween celebration while saving a few pennies in "That's Halloween." Draw inspiration from this brief article full of creative recipes that won't break the bank when hosting-season rolls around. Uncover joy in Halloween-inspired "Ghosties" treats, made from popcorn balls, donuts, icing, and walnuts, among many other festive recipes found in this piece. These timeless recipes created in the '40s will still help you save a penny or two today when ghouls and goblins come eager to eat tasty treats at your Halloween celebration.

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Snacks for October Treats (1950s)

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"Surprise your night owls with tricky Halloween refreshments." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Snacks for October Treats," October 1955)

Goblin frosties, funny-face lollipops, popcorn owls, and black cat tarts stole the show in the October 1955 issue. Pay tribute to the retro (and so-cute!) recipes by bringing them back into your kitchen or adding your own modern twist to them this Halloween. The darling treats are sure to be a hit for any age.

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Spooky Cupcakes (1960s)

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Take your baking skills to the next level when you try re-creating these spooky cupcakes. The original version of the cake pop, these charming cupcakes are displayed on skewers for guests to easily grab and enjoy. Featured in the October 1961 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, these throwback cakes just might steal the spotlight! Learn how to decorate these delightful cupcakes in the easy-to-read directions of the vintage article.

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Offbeat Pumpkin Treats (1970s)

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Pumpkin was meant for so much more than just pies, breads, and lattes. The October 1973 issue of Better Homes & Gardens taught readers that tempura doesn't only apply to sushi, chips can be made from anything, and a delicious soufflé will still warm the heart of guests. Skip the pumpkin bars and cream cheese frosting this year and instead opt for one of these creative recipes that will impress guests today.

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Spooky Cookies (1980s)

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Brought to us from the pages of the October 1987 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, these spirited cookies are as fun to make as they are to eat! Kiddos will love the imaginative, pumpkin-flavored cookies, and parents can rest easy knowing that the jack-o'-lantern treats are whole wheat. These creative cookies of the '80s deserve to make a comeback this year at adult and kids' parties alike. It's safe to say goblins and ghouls far and wide will delight in these frightfully tasty treats!

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The Purrr-fect Treat (1990s)

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"A polka-dotted witch's cat—imagine that! Create a gang of zany Halloween cats for the bewitching hour." (Better Homes & Gardens, "The Purrr-fect Treat," October 1992)

Go crazy for these cocoa cats! The simple and cute recipe gave readers an easy-to-follow way to impress guests in the '90s and will help you tackle any Halloween party this year too. The low-calorie cookies look festive and taste delicious thanks to the orange-flavored icing. Sure to be a hit with all your friends and family, these witch's cat cookies are a purrr-fect addition to your holiday spread.

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