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How Our Senior Food Stylist Renovated His Way to a Picture-Perfect Kitchen

The Better Homes & Gardens Senior Food Stylist invited our editors into his gorgeous home to chat about his newly renovated kitchen. Check out the short video below to get a glimpse into what it was like creating this food stylist's quintessential kitchen.

If you thought deciding what to make for dinner was tough, starting your dream kitchen renovation can feel almost impossible when you're not a home reno expert. From picking out the right appliances to choosing the perfect color combinations, we sat down with Better Homes & Gardens Senior Food Stylist, Greg Luna, and got his advice for tackling a dreamy kitchen reno.

In our full interview you'll gain insight on his personal experience with renovating his kitchen from start to finish. From the vibrant green backsplash to the handy open shelving, find out what he couldn't live without in his space and further advice on what to consider before beginning a full kitchen remodel. With his experience working in the Test Kitchen, you'll hear what he feels every kitchen should never be without and what inspired him to make his final design decisions. If you're wanting to learn more about his kitchen renovation process then head on over to watch the full video by clicking the link below!

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Watch the full video here!