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Trends Topping Our List: Succulent Pot & Plant Pairings

If you haven't yet jumped on the succulent trend train, this selection of plant and pot pairings makes it easy—even if you don't have a green thumb. Just choose your planter style. We offer a succulent choice for each. Of course, have fun mixing as you like!

A Modern Take on Minimalism

Nothing says modern minimalism like clean lines and crisp colors. Choose a whimsical white pot and an aloe vera plant to add a soothing element to your space. A bright white pot will contrast with the soft green of the succulent for a truly stunning accent you can style several ways. No need to worry about this plant day in and day out. Just add water and sunlight to make this succulent flourish in your home. Bonus: You can use your petite aloe vera plant as a home remedy. Cut off a leaf and use the juices inside to help treat small burns and protect your skin.

Just Hanging Out

Deciding where to place your plant can be both endearing and difficult. For a new vantage point, try a hanging planter. The vibrant green of string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) lights up a room and looks dramatic when spilling out of hanging planters.

Gaga for Geo

Geometric terrariums are often used as decor on side tables or bookcases, but they can double as stylish pots for succulent habitat. To capture the diverse beauty of the succulents, position terrariums at multiple levels—eye level, above, or below. Each angle will reveal a new sense of complexity seen in each succulent plant.

Marvelous Mini Succulents

Another way to introduce succulents into your home is through mini basket planters. Line three planters on a windowsill for a welcome touch of greenery and texture. Echeveria succulents are a nice choice for a windowsill display. They're small and sun-obsessed, so they'll love calling the windowsill home.

Unconventional Planters

Not into basic pots? Try some that are a bit funky. Animal shapes such as a llama, lion, or chicken are fun because the succulents can help form part of the body. The Zebra plant seems a perfect match! This dark green plant with white stripes will grab the interest of guests and complement any animal-theme pot.