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Fall in Love with These Time-Tested Valentine's Day Crafts & Treats

'Tis the season for sweet treats and all things love! This Valentine's Day draw inspiration from the Better Homes & Gardens archives as you explore recipes and crafts from the late '50s to the 2000s. These Cupid-approved crafts and treats are time-tested and sure to impress.

For February Red-Letter Days (1957)

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"No prettier—nor more delicious—way to say 'Be mine!'" (Better Homes & Gardens, "For February Red-Letter Days," February 1957)

Filled with delicious ideas for Washington's or Lincoln's birthdays and of course Valentine's Day, the pages of the February 1957 issue have the timeless recipes you need to celebrate the month without a mishap. Delight in a yummy valentine cake, put a modern spin on a classic red cherry pie, or impress guests with so-simple strawberry hearts made of gelatin. Complete with tips and tricks from the Better Homes & Gardens test kitchen, these recipes have stood the test of time but might not last very long on your dessert table.


Party Fun for Youngsters (1959)

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"Children should share in the party preparations. That way, it's fun instead of work, and a good creative experience for them." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Party Fun for Your Youngsters," February 1959)

We're not sure if it's the use of the word "youngsters" or the kid-friendly craft ideas that are featured, but this article from the February 1959 issue has us smitten. Blooming with cute craft ideas for birthday parties, Valentine's Day parties, and even clown-theme parties, this article gives you and your child, or grandchild, ideas to create an afternoon of fun. For Valentine's Day, take glee in creating a one-of-a-kind party invitation together, or get the festivities started with handcrafted decorations made with love.


All-America Recipes & All-America Roses (1965)

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In the February 1965 issue, the Better Homes & Gardens food and garden editors joined forces to bring readers a delightful pairing of flowers and recipes in honor of the silver anniversary of the All-America Rose Selections. This article put a fun new twist on classic recipes such as Boston cream pie, apple dumplings, cherry tarts, and more. We especially love this article's suggestion for a Valentine's Day ribbon cake made with delicious fluffy white frosting and an on-theme pink layer of cake.


Super Simple Crafts to Make in a Jiffy (1982)

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"This year, give busy cupid a helping hand by creating these quick-stitch Valentine's Day gift cards for those you hold close to your heart." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Super Simple Crafts to Make in a Jiffy," January 1982)

Crafts aren't just for the kids in this Better Homes & Gardens article from the January 1982 issue. Filled with tons of great crafting ideas, including: a braided rug, decal-easy ceramic tiles, spruced-up army blanket, and stenciled hurricane shades, this article features step-by-step instructions for endless crafting fun. With so many ideas it's hard to pick favorites, but for Valentine's Day we're loving the quick needlepoint gift cards and speedy-stitch cupid pillows featured in this article. Don't be scared away by the word "needlepoint" or phrase "speedy-stitch;" this article offers easy-to-follow instructions that will allow you to complete the task in one evening.



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Get ready to drool—the recipes featured in the February 1990 issue of Better Homes & Gardens are sure to cause some mouth watering. Appropriately named "CHOCOLATE! The Ultimate Valentine," these recipes will take your modern Valentine's Day soiree to a whole new level. Delight in making frothy midnight mocha drinks, heartthrob cakes, berry true-love cups, raspberry ice with chocolate lace, and many more delicious chocolate treats. With tips and tricks on how to successfully melt chocolate and detailed instructions, these yummy recipes are sure to impress any valentine.


February (2004)

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Fittingly titled "February," this article from the Better Homes & Gardens archives is filled with unique DIY ideas to create a charming Valentine's Day tablescape. From table runners and custom napkin rings to one-of-a-kind lampshades and handmade pillows, flipping through the pages of this article will inspire you to change up your entire home decor for the month of love.


Cupid's Guide to Valentine's Dinner (2005)

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"Make a memorable first impression on your guests with a beautiful tablescape. Layer plates, serving pieces, and accessories in the same color family. Red and pink are the traditional colors of love, but you can use any color that puts a song in your heart and a smile on your face." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Cupid's Guide to Valentine's Dinner," February 2005)

Filled with tips to throw the ultimate Valentine's Day dinner party without a hitch, "Cupid's Guide to Valentine's Dinner" will inspire you to take your Valentine's Day from an intimate setting to a full-out get-together. Delicious must-try recipes are complemented by hosting tips you won't want to miss. We especially love the festive sparkling pomegranate spritzers and easy-to-make double thumbprint cookies for a love-theme soiree. Pro tip: Save the parmesan breadsticks and melted ice cream mousse recipes; you'll want to use them for every party from here on out.


Straight from the Heart (2006)

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"Thaw winter's chill with hot pink Valentine's Day projects." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Straight From the Heart," February 2006)

Flipping through the pages of this article in the February 2006 issue of Better Homes & Gardens will inspire you to take a new approach to your Valentine's Day tablescape, give you festive treat ideas for your kiddo, and help you highlight those you love with a so-fun 3-D display. While all the crafts featured in this article are sure to be a hit, we love the unique DIY valentines (pictured above). The "sealed with a kiss" valentines are easy to make and offer an even more personal touch to the holidays. The so-sweet cards don't require much crafting supplies or experience; just grab white cardstock, decorative papers, glue, ribbon, rub-on letters, and paper rose buds and voilà!


Paper, Glue, and I Love You (2006)

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In the February 2006 issue, Better Homes & Gardens taught readers how to throw a fabulous Valentine's Day card-making party in "Paper, Glue, and I Love You," an article that included both tasty recipes and easy-to-follow crafts. Combine crafts and cooking when you host your very own card-making party inspired by this issue. Be sure to heed this article's advice by pre-cutting some of the paper used to craft and offering festive snacks as appetizers. Adults and kids alike will delight in the crafting, and mouths will water over the beef tenderloin and glazed puffed lemon heart cookies.


Love Notes (2007)

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"Make someone's Valentine's Day with a greeting that's crafted by hand and comes from the heart." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Love Notes," February 2007)

Complete with helpful hints and a step-by-step photo array, this article in the February 2007 issue of Better Homes & Gardens won't let you down. You'll have a special valentine to give each person on your list thanks to the three different DIY ideas featured. While the cards are certainly distinct, we really love the string of heart garland and paper-heart wreath showcased in this article.


Fondue Finale (2008)

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Everything tastes better dipped in chocolate, right? In the February 2008 issue, Better Homes & Gardens supplies you with the perfect date-night fondue recipe for those years when Valentine's Day happens to fall on a weeknight. The delicious rum-laced chocolate fondue only requires four ingredients and makes four servings—ideal for an intimate night for two. Enjoy the tasty spiked fondue with fortune cookies, petite croissants, fresh strawberries, or raspberry sorbet.

"With this recipe and the memories made, staying in might be your new Valentine's Day tradition." (Better Homes & Gardens, "Fondue Finale," February 2008)