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6 Vintage Pre-Made Menus to Help You Host a Classic Summer Party

Create your own swanky summer soiree with these pre-made menus straight from the vintage pages of our archive. We've thrown in 2 bonus beverage menus to pair with your menu choice! Grab your menus and become the hostess with the mostess.

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Sky-high and luscious, this torte will be the talk of your party! You can make this show-stopping dessert the day before and throw some cherries on top for the party.

Show Stopper Menu - 1952

Main Dish: Company Chicken Ring w/ Cranberry Jelly

Vegetable: Buttered Peas with Mushrooms

Salad: Grapefruit-Avocado Salad Relish Tray

Dessert: Party Torte

Nice to Serve: Hot Coffee & Salted Nuts

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Whip up a modern-day garden party with these make-ahead luncheon platters. Guests can pick and choose what they want from a menu that's refreshing, seasonal, and bright.

Easy & Bright Garden Menu - 1954

Main Dish: Shrimp or Tuna Mousse, Stuffed Eggs

Vegetable: Asparagus Spears with Mayonnaise

Salad: Spiced Peaches, Relish Plate

Dessert: Daisy Dream Sundae in Flowerpots Nut-Crusted Cake

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Ready for a spread that's fresh, simple, and easy to eat? Most of this meal requires no cooking and can be stored in the fridge for a couple days after preparation. Colorful fruits and vegetables make each dish pop.

Make Ahead Summer Vacation Menu - 1943

Main Dish: Pressed Ham Loaf with Pickle Garnish

Vegetable: Corn Wheels Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

Salad: Bran Muffins or Rolls & Applesauce Salad

Dessert: Summer Fruit Plate

Nice to Serve: Cheese Popcorn & Potato Chips

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Serve a relaxed backyard dinner with only 3 serving dishes! Put your backyard fireplace or grill to work with this go-to summer menu.

Backyard BBQ Menu - 1950

Main Dish: Veal Birds

Vegetable: New Potatoes with Peas & Glazed Carrots

Salad: Green Salad Bowl with French Dressing

Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake or Fruit Basket

Nice to Serve: Iced Tea & Hot Coffee

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Enjoy all the classic foods of summer – chicken, berries, sweet corn, crisp green vegetables – you can't go wrong!

Summer Classic Menu – 1950

Main Dish: Fried Chicken & Cream Gravy

Vegetable: Corn on the Cob, Butter Pats

Salad: Summer Salad with French Dressing & Hot Rolls

Dessert: Fresh Peach Sherbet

Nice to Serve: Jellied Consomme Wafers & Iced Coffee

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Imagine the smell of coffee brewing, T-bones sputtering on the grill and fresh tomatoes right out of the garden. No fancy trimmings needed, this go-to menu is all about the food.

The Great Outdoors Menu – 1948

Main Dish: Grilled Steaks

Vegetable: Corn on the Cob, Butter Squares

Salad: Whole Tomatoes, French Dressing, and Garlic French Bread

Dessert: Big Wedges of Chilled Watermelon

Nice to Serve: Coffee, Iced Tea with Lemon

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Get these iced up beverages to complement your summer party. These will look twice as 'cool' and taste twice as good. Add a touch of shimmer with some ice!

Ice Cold Summer Beverages – 1957

Perfect Iced Tea with Lemon Wedges

Ruby Refresher (Zingy Cranberry Punch)

Frosty Fruit Tea (Orange and lemon Punch)

Banquet Punch (Fresh fruit & bitters)

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Refreshing drinks with a dash of flair – enjoy these cool drinks in unique serving ware. Mix and match your favorites with your summer menu.

Tall & Swanky Beverages – 1955

Triple Orange Cups (Sherbet Fizzer)

Chocolate Malted Milk (Ice Cream Dessert)

Cranberry Punch (Sparkle and tang)

Lemon Zingo (bubbly lemon fresco)

Apricot Float (Ice cream drink)

Fruitti-tutti Ginger Ale

Pink Cherry Sodas

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