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Wondering how the stories and inspirations you see in Better Homes & Gardens start out? Here's a behind-the-scenes tour of the magazine's headquarters in Des Moines.

Join Editor-in-Chief Stephen Orr for a tour of the Des Moines headquarters of the Better Homes and Gardens brand to see the process of how our content goes from idea to appearing on the pages of your monthly magazine. We take you through the process of turning story ideas into layouts with our editors. We visit our Test Kitchen to learn about the in-depth process of recipe testing that ensures that each works perfectly for you at home, every time. Then, we join our food stylists and designers in the photo studio where they bring the ideas to life behind the lens—and take a trip to our Test Garden to hear how gardening tips and advice is tested in real world conditions. We even give you a peak into how Better Homes and Gardens branded products land on the shelves of your favorite local stores.

Enjoy the tour and thanks for being here with us!