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Wicker Wonders: Bring Your Woven Furnishings Indoors

Wicker chairs make cozy patio furniture, but we love bringing these woven masterpieces indoors to enjoy all year.

Better Homes & Gardens has been featuring wicker furniture in magazines since the very beginning—almost 100 years ago. So what makes wicker the next big thing? These woven wonders aren't just for chairs anymore. Wicker furnishings have expanded to ottomans, baskets, vases, and rugs. Furthermore, wicker isn't just reserved for outdoor patios or four-season porches; now you can bring woven furniture indoors to cozy up your living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom.

Wicker chairs offer casual, inviting seating to your living space and are the perfect addition to tie together unmatched furnishings. The trick to making eclectic furniture finds feel cohesive is actually described in one of our previous issues of the magazine: "An inspiring fusion of flea-market finds and family heirlooms blends easily with … newer, more modern pieces" (Better Homes & Gardens, "Mastering the Mix," September 2006). The article goes on to say that it's important to have a contemporary focal point, like a sofa, to ground the assortment of second-hand furniture, vintage pieces, and treasured family heirlooms.

Wicker works its way into the kitchen quite nicely. Shown on the left is a cottage-like breakfast nook that feels both warm and airy. The secret? The light woven basket brings contrast to the dark wicker chairs, which are accented by corresponding throw pillows, a white bench, and two-tone table. This winning combination keeps the space homey without feeling too heavy.

But you don't need to invest in brand-new wicker furniture to achieve the earthy, woven look. Sometimes simplicity is key. The image above on the right shows how a woven basket can make the perfect fall centerpiece to bring more warmth to a modern kitchen.

Add some country charm to your farmhouse bathroom by incorporating woven furnishings into the space. Wicker baskets are both stylish and functional—use them to store toiletries, towels, or decorative greenery. A chic woven rug adds a nice texture and warmth to the space while also providing a comfortable place for your feet.

Woven furnishings are timeless and never stop—pardon the pun—weaving their way into contemporary design. A wicker reading chair in the bedroom, a woven fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, wicker baskets to hold gloves and hats in the entryway are all subtle ways to add a cohesive design element into every room in your home. And if you're looking for ways to spruce up old wicker furniture, some spray paint, a new cushion, and printed pillows can bring new life to a piece. Wicker furniture and accents may be one of our favorite trends of the moment, but you can rely on these classic woven pieces to stand the test of time.